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Disability Doesn't Negate Sexiness

Disability Doesn't Negate Sexiness is a photo-series shot by my wonderful friend Mark Willshire, on behalf of the charity 'InvisiYouth' which I have worked with for many years. The photo-series was taken in the hopes of empowering other young disabled adults to embrace their bodies; and to raise money and awareness for the charity. Too often young disabled adults are either infantilised, or are treated as though our bodies can't be beautiful if they're what society deems 'defective'. This series flips that on it's face, having had an incredible response from the disabled community and all the other young adults who have contacted me to say that these inspired them to embrace who they are - disability included. By including mobility aids as well as medication patches within an otherwise typical lingerie/boudoir photoshoot, we proved that disability can still be a part of your identity, while embracing sexiness.

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