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Leah Rachel Access Coordination

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Facilitating quality disability access in Film, TV, Theatre, and more.

Access Coordinator and Disability Consultant

I facilitate access for any disabled performers, crew members, creatives, audience members, and even characters themselves - throughout any and every stage of a project.  

An Access Coordinator is there to ensure access requirements are fulfilled, met, and maintained. My core principal is that if everybody involved in a production has the tools and support they deserve in order to flourish, then then the final project will be the best it can be.


25% of the population is disabled, and with an estimated 70-80% of those being invisible, you never know when a member of your cast or crew has a disability. Primary research I have conducted has shown me that nearly all disabled creatives (including myself!) have experience with losing opportunities or jobs when they disclose their disability, meaning many to choose not to disclose it. As a trusted third party, I am able to facilitate access support without disclosing someone's disability.

I am here to answer the questions that you may not realise even needed asking. To think of how to support disabilities within your project, so you don't have to. I help you make your production disability-friendly. This means not only meeting the bare-minimum for people to have access; but creating a safe, prosperous, and inclusive environment for as many people as possible.

If you have any upcoming or ongoing projects, I hope you will now think of me – so I can think about disability for you.

A black and white headshot of Leah Rachel in a business suit and glasses.
A black and white photo of Leah Rachel in her wheelchair, wearing a business suit, holding her walking sticks.

Fully insured with First Act/Hiscox Insurance. DBS Certificate holder. Equity UK Member. 


One of the 'World Unseen'
short film/commercials
Leah coordinated access for, with Canon and Doc Hearts Films:


Leah attending the red carpet at the world's first audio described film premiere
The Gray Man, Netflix

British Film Institute in London

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Leah attending the red carpet for the audio described special showing
All The Light We Cannot See, Netflix


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